REVISAL Pure Magnesium

Revisal magnesium flakes 2kg

Revisal magnesium flakes 2kg

€ 14,95 (€ 12,36 excl. btw)

Because the skin absorbs magnesium well, it is highly suitable to use the flakes for a bath or footbath. Recommended temperature is 37-38 degrees.

The feet are an excellent absorbing point for absorbing magnesium. Besides, a footbath is perfect for draining the body of waste products. You will feel fully relaxed after a footbath with magnesium flakes.

Dosage and use:

Bath: dosage approx. 0,6 to 1,2 kg (or as wanted). For a period of 20 to 45 minutes.
Footbath: dosage approx. 125 gram to approx. 4 litres warm water. For a period of 20 to 30 minutes.


47% magnesium chloride, aqua